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Titanfall Update Brings New Modes and Content


Titanfall Update Brings New Modes and Content


While EA and Respawn aren’t talking about any sequels just yet, they are at E3 showing off new gameplay modes for their hit Titanfall.

The update scheduled for sometime this month will introduce two new game modes: “Marked for Death” and “Wingman.” Marked for Death has one pilot from each team highlighted as the target for a limited period of time. As soon as one of the targets is killed, a new set of targets from each team is selected. The mode is poised to alter the standard game flow and change up what players have been used to. Nothing can be as frightening as a team of Pilots and Titans coming for your head.

Wingman is first game mode to feature non-6v6 gameplay. Instead, teams of two Titans are pitted against each other. Its Last Titan Standing with only your best buddy at your side.

The update also brings new Burn Cards specifically for Titans, new art for the menu screens, the ability to toggle lobby music, improvements to matchmaking, improved team balancing, and notifications when a new player enters the lobby.

We’ll update this post as soon as a release date is available.

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