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Terraria Coming to Xbox One/PS4


Terraria Coming to Xbox One/PS4

One of the coolest world-building games of the past few years has been Terraria. Not only has it emerged from the shadow of Minecraft, but is still being updated and has a thriving community. Fans of this game will no doubt be thrilled to hear that it’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Developer 505 Games has announced that it will be showing off a ‘next gen’ build of Terraria at E3 next week. According to their statement, here’s what’s happening:

As we ramp up for E3 next week, we wanted to leak some information to you all that we know you will be super excited to hear:
Terraria is going Next Gen!
At E3, we will be showing off Terraria on PS4 behind closed doors, with cross-play and cross-save to PS Vita!
All of the 1.2 content will be packed into our Terraria Next Gen releases alongside some brand new functionality!
The PS4 and Xbox One versions are slated for release later in 2014.
Keep an eye out for information about this when the Twinfinite crew heads to E3.

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