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A Song for Viggo is About Overcoming Depression


A Song for Viggo is About Overcoming Depression

A point and click adventure game has made it to Kickstarter, A Song for Viggo. The game is made completely out of paper, using stop-motion animation.

The game is being developed by two men, Simon Karlsson, and Fredrik Mårtensson.

A Song for Viggo is a game about depression. The first mission in the game is to plan for your son’s funeral. You play as the father, a man who accidentally kills his own son.

“Your goal is to maintain everyday life, despite the tragic circumstances,” reads the Kickstarter page. “Be there for your daughter. Put food on the table. Do the dishes. Keep your marriage together. The struggles are of a psychological, rather than mechanical, nature. There is only one puzzle. It’s called life.”

If the story hasn’t intrigued you yet, the art-style will. The paper-craft set-pieces look fantastic, and seems incredibly appropriate for this type of game.


A Song for Viggo looks heart-wrenching, but in all the right ways.

The Kickstarter has raised nearly $5,000 of its $20,000 goal, with 20 days to go. The developers hope to release the game on PC.

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