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Sniper Elite V2 Is Free On Steam Right Now


Sniper Elite V2 Is Free On Steam Right Now

Perhaps you’re in the killing Nazis business. Right now, for you, business is boomin’. You just had Wolfenstein: The New Order, and that was great in all sorts of ways, and now, lucky for you, you have another Nazi hunting adventure to look forward to. And its free.

For today only, Sniper Elite V2, the sniper-simulator that has you skulking around Europe hunting down the scientists behind the V2 rocket program, is free on Steam. All that is required is you sign into your account and claim it, and it is yours forever. This is no doubt a promotional move for Sniper Elite 3, which is coming out later this year, and is concurrently 20% for those who pre-purchase the game.

Personally, I found Sniper Elite V2 to be a nice little pile of fun. It is nothing major, and it has nothing greater on its mind like Wolfenstein, but it is good fun and if you like Mortal Kombat style gore, this is way up your alley.

You can get your copy of Sniper Elite V2 here.

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