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Shining Resonance Has A Release Date And Limited Edition


Shining Resonance Has A Release Date And Limited Edition

The latest entry in Sega’s Shining franchise, Shining Resonance, now has a release date and a few details of what the game’s special limited edition will include.

According to the official Japanese Shining Resonance website, the game will be released in Japan on 11th December this year. The website also stated that they would release a special limited edition with a bundled figure of the heroine Kirika in a bikini. Great! Below is a photo of the figure to be included with the game.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 9.37.15 am

Personally, I’d have preferred a figure of the dragon or something cool-looking, but that’s just me.

Shining Resonance will be made available for the PS3 on 11th December in Japan, though no word on a Western release has been released just yet.

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