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Samurai Warriors 4 Animation Trailer


Samurai Warriors 4 Animation Trailer

Today, Tecmo Koei of America released the animation trailer for an anime adaptation series based off their upcoming Samurai Warriors 4.

I wasn’t particularly excited for Samurai Warriors 4, but as Tecmo Koei becomes more active with it, I am certainly becoming more and more excited for it. The added “universe,” if you will, to the game, makes the series all the more appealing. A blu-ray disc copy (among other things) of this anime was bundled with Samurai Warriors 4 when it released on March 20th in Japan.

North American audiences can expect to enjoy Samurai Warriors 4 the game this fall on October 21st on PS4, PS3, and PSVita. No word if North American audiences will enjoy the same perks (such as this anime) as the Japanese markets. In the meanwhile, you can check out the North American opening trailer.

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