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Razer Developing New Android Console


Razer Developing New Android Console

Razer, the company responsible for some of the most well-known third party gamepads and gaming PC hardware, is planning to develop a new micro-console that will be based around Android software.  Much like the any Roku or other streaming machine, this small console will be able to stream movies, music, and apps, with  the key difference seemingly being a vaguely defined “emphasis on gaming.”  The device will release along with a companion app for mobile devices that will let you use your phone as a remote for the system.

In spite of a general lack of details, Min-Liang Tan, co-founder and CEO of Razer, claims that the new Android device “is a console of the future.”  She goes on to say:

“Built on Google´s incredible Android TV platform, the Razer micro-console incorporates not only hardcore and casual gaming, but music, movies and other entertainment and social applications, all on an affordable system.”

Only time will tell if this device truly does focus on hardcore gaming, because going by the announcement, it is left very unclear as to what makes this machine ideal for that purpose. The new Razer micro-console is currently slated for a Fall 2014 release.

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