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Prepare Yourself for the Remake of Hatoful Boyfriend, the Pigeon Dating Sim


Prepare Yourself for the Remake of Hatoful Boyfriend, the Pigeon Dating Sim

Yes, you read that correctly; Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating sim. You may have heard of it before back when it was released in 2011. The game was translated to English, but had a good number of issues that made that copy of the game generally unplayable. Fortunately, Devolver Digital is determined to bring the revolutionary pigeon dating gameplay to North America with an official updated version of Hatoful Boyfriend from developer Hato Moa.

Fork Parker, CFO of Devolver Digital had this to say on the announcement of the new version of the game:

Our research shows that consumer fatigue for space marines and dragons is at an all-time high – gamers are ready for something new and fresh. Semi-realistic pigeon dating simulations are the next great frontier in video games.

My thoughts exactly.

What about the term pigeon dating sim? What does that mean? Let me tell you. It’s exactly what it sounds like. In the style of your standard visual novel-type dating sim game, you play as a human that attends a school where everyone is a bird. We can’t make this stuff up. Naturally, hilarity ensues when you have a rock pigeon shamelessly flirting with you, but it’s not all sweet and feathery. Without giving too much away, there is something much darker within the plot of Hatoful Boyfriend. If you’re not interested by now, I don’t want to know you.

The new Hatoful Boyfriend is set to release sometime this summer. We’ll be sure to update you with more information as you prepare yourself for, well, birds.

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