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PlayStation Network 'Closed for Maintenance' Tomorrow


PlayStation Network 'Closed for Maintenance' Tomorrow

And here I was planning on spending my afternoon co-oping Dark Souls II! Ah well, best laid schemes and all that. Anyway, the PSN will be undergoing approximately 6 hours of scheduled maintenance tomorrow (Monday), June 2, between 12:50 PM and 6:30 PM Eastern time.

While I could spend those 6 hours, oh, I dunno, reading or exercising or otherwise bettering myself, I’ll probably just take the time to play Dark Souls free from the ever-present fear of getting invaded.

But if you simply can’t go that long without playing online games or watching Netflix, there’s theoretically *fingers crossed* an easy work-around. If you sign onto PSN tonight, you’ll apparently be able to continue using it tomorrow during its supposed down time. I guess we’ll see!

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