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The Next Mass Effect Game Will Surprise Fans With How Far It's Going


The Next Mass Effect Game Will Surprise Fans With How Far It's Going

At the EA conference on the first day of E3, Bioware revealed that they were indeed working on a brand new Mass Effect game. Though it wasn’t the reveal announcement everyone was hoping for, Bioware did show off some conceptual art to tide their fans over.

Game Trailers managed to get a hold of Aaryn Flynn, the boss of Bioware Edmonton and Montreal, and found out that the developers had a “really cool idea” with regards to where the series was going.

“I can’t get into that too much. We’ve got a really cool idea for how we’re going to carry on – keep the trilogy separate but at the same time give a bunch of nods to fans who enjoyed the trilogy in the past. That’s all going to come out soon.”

Bioware has already confirmed that the next Mass Effect game will not feature Shepard, but will continue to show off the races that fans of the series would be familiar with. In the video showed during the conference, Bioware teased that “fans of the series are going to be surprised at just how far we’re going.”

Personally, if they gave me a Mass Effect game with an Asari squad (Liara, Samara, and Aria please), I’d die a happy fan. Regardless, I’m definitely intrigued in the direction this series is going.

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