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Metal Gear's Fan Remake Gets Pulled


Metal Gear's Fan Remake Gets Pulled

Now this is an odd turn of events. A group of fans working with Valve’s Alien Swarm engine had decided to recreate Konami’s 1987 hit Metal Gear. The idea was to recreate the game with better graphics so as to make it more accessible to gamers of this day and age.

It turned into a bit of a big deal when Siliconera reported that they were given the go ahead with Konami’s approval. Now however the webpage has been updated and the project has “ceased development.” Before this, the team had been working on assembling a team to help with the project’s sound and cutscene assets, but right now many are left wondering what exactly is going on.

Hopefully this is just a bump in the road while the developers work with Konami on the project.

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