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Metal Gear Solid Movie Going Ahead With New Director


Metal Gear Solid Movie Going Ahead With New Director

This might actually happen this time. One of the oldest and most fruitless attempts at adapting video games to the cinematic medium has been Metal Gear Solid. Sony, and producer Avi Arad, have been sitting on the rights to the series for years and have made multiple attempts to get the project off the ground. Half a dozen directors have been attached, and Christian Bale was all-but-cast as Snake himself, but nothing has gone past the planning stages.

Except, perhaps, now. Out of left field yesterday, rumors went around in the Hollywood trades that Sony had hired a new director for the adaptation; Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The young director has exactly one film under his belt, the coming of age tale The Kings of Summer, a brilliant and hilarious film that is incredibly genuine to the life of teenagers at the end of teenager-dom. The is part of a growing trend in Hollywood, throwing blockbuster franchises to independent filmmakers, the most recent of which was the Godzilla film this year.

Personally, as a big fan of The Kings of Summer, this couldn’t be more exciting to me. What gives, Hollywood? First you hire Duncan Jones to direct Warcraft, and now a good director for Metal Gear Solid? Who are you and what did you do with the world that gave us Uwe Boll’s Far Cry?

Actually, don’t tell me. I really, really don’t want to know.

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