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Media Molecule Won't Show "Ambitious" PS4 Project at E3; Details Soon to Come


Media Molecule Won't Show "Ambitious" PS4 Project at E3; Details Soon to Come

The makers of the critically acclaimed LittleBigPlanet franchise are looking to revolutionize imagination and bring creativity to the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately though, their creative revolution won’t be unveiling at E3. Media Molecule posted today that they won’t be showing anything at E3 this year, despite an exciting presentation at the PlayStation 4 Showcase last year.

Media Molecule has their sights set on new technology that will allow players to sculpt and animate their dreams using the PlayStation Move. The company says it is “a game even more ambitious than LittleBigPlanet… one that will allow people to record their very dreams… It’s really rather exciting!”. With all of this excitement, it’s a bit disappointing to know their daring project won’t be turning heads at E3 next week. Media Molecule assures us, though, that the fun is soon to come.

Are you excited to see how the LBP masterminds will storm the PS4? Let us know if you’re ready to sculpt your dreams.

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