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The Last Guardian Endures Another Cancellation Rumor


The Last Guardian Endures Another Cancellation Rumor

The Last Guardian, a game which has been perpetually delayed since its announcement at E3 2009, has been a staple of E3 predictions every year since. This year, it almost didn’t even make it that far.

A recent post from IGN announced that after nearly 7 years of development, “The Last Guardian is finally cancelled.” According to what IGN originally listed as only insider “sources”, the cancellation was announced to Sony staff during an internal Sony meeting.

The article was instantly drenched in the collective tears of the gaming masses, but according to a tweet from Playstation’s Software Product Development Head, the IGN report was flat wrong.

IGN has since updated their original story, amending “sources” to read “an internal source speaking to IGN Russia.” The headline also changed from the concrete “The Last Guardian Canceled” to a speculative “The Last Guardian May Be Cancelled.” Crisis averted?

So what does this mean for The Last Guardian? Nothing. On the bright side, we know the eventual release of the game is still a possibility. Maybe, in the wake of this event, we’ll hear more about the game at E3 this upcoming week. I know I’ve certainly got my fingers crossed.

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