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LA Times Screws Up, Announces "Nintendo's" New White PS4


LA Times Screws Up, Announces "Nintendo's" New White PS4

E3 was this week and every tech and game publication was on-hand to analyze this weeks’ new reveals and announcements from the biggest game companies. One publication, The LA Times, should consider dialing back their excitement just a little bit.

In what is headline news, The LA Times announces that “Nintendo’s white Playstation 4 debuts.” Now I don’t know about you, but that’s just all sorts of fun. Even their online publication, while under a different headline, reads the same excerpt.

White PlayStation

Convention-goers have taken their first look at Nintendo’s “glacier white” PlayStation 4. The white console is being bundled with the game “Destiny,” a new title from Bungie, Inc., developer of the blockbuster “Halo” series.

Once again proving to be out-of-touch with a modern concept of video games, both the LA Times and your grandparents are asking you “Video games? Didn’t you get one years ago? A Sony 64 wasn’t it? What happened to that one? Why do you need a new one? Go play outside.”

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