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Why Kojima's E3 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Presentation Won't Be Public


Why Kojima's E3 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Presentation Won't Be Public

During a broadcast on the Kojima Station, Kojima shared that their E3 presentation for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won’t be publicly broadcasted. The 30 minute gameplay trailer will be shown behind closed doors, to a private group of press. A small, 5 minute clip will be publicly available, but the showstopper, the huge gameplay demo, is going to be a bit more guarded.

“This is by invite only… we’re only going to have select press show up, come and take a look at the gameplay.”

A private E3 showing seems fairly shocking, given our open relationship with the internet and the common tactic of streaming E3 presentations. So why take the secretive route? Kojima began their explanation by going through their history of MGS E3 presentations, dating back to 1998. Crowds back then were small, the internet was underdeveloped, and public excitement spread energetically from person to person.

“Back in the day, a lot of people lined up, came to look at trailers and whatnot because it all spread word of mouth and we wanna recreate that… that feeling. And we’re gonna have exclusive gameplay only at E3, it’s not going to be online.”

Kojima hopes to stir up the nostalgia of pre-streaming E3, and maybe add some heightened anticipation that comes with exclusive presentations.

So, how will you get your Phantom Pain info this E3, with  only the release of a small 5 minute trailer planned? Just like in the old days:

“Press will come, look at it, spread the word. Eventually, maybe it’ll end up online, but for the time being it will only be at E3.”

How do you feel about being locked out of the press room? Is it a tactic of controlled marketing, or is it pointless in an age of internet streaming? Let us know!

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