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Insurgency Gets New Trailer, Steam Workshop Support


Insurgency Gets New Trailer, Steam Workshop Support

I believe that it goes without saying that for multiplayer shooters in the modern era, especially on PC, user-generated content is an absolute lifesaver for a game. One of the greatest avenues for this created thus far is Valve’s Steam Workshop, an open place for sharing user content for a variety of different games.

One of those games is now Insurgency, the tactical multiplayer combat game from New World Interactive that caused some waves with its original mod, which announced today in conjunction with the trailer you see above that it will receive full support from the Steam Workshop in a new update. “Since INSURGENCY was originally a mod itself, allowing the community to create custom content for the game is synonymous with our team’s culture. We are excited to see what our community is able to create, and to be able to utilize such a powerful tool as Workshop to ensure that quality content will be easily recognized and accessed by players”, said game director Jeremy Blum.

Along with Steam Workshop support is the return of the map Sinjar from the original mod and a new weapon, the M14. Insurgency is currently available on sale via Steam for $9.99 here.

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