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HyperX Cloud Headset Review


HyperX Cloud Headset Review

When it comes to headsets, I’m not picky. Not boasting the title of “audiophile,” I’m more inclined to relish in the comfort of a headset, as editing a video (or anything else, really) for hours can be strenuous on the ears. That being said, the first thing I’d like to note is that the HyperX Cloud headset from Kingston is the most comfortable headset I’ve ever used.

The second, equally important thing I look for is whether the headset looks cool. I know, so shallow, but look, when you’re streaming/recording a Let’s Play for your audience, do you want to look like a moron with bricks on the sides of your head? The answer is no. Literally no one wants that. The HyperX Cloud has your back and will keep you from being the laughing stock of Youtube with its sleek design, its evil villain red and black combo, and its leathery touch.


So how does the sound hold up? Amazingly. For around $100 ($89.99 on Amazon with Prime),  I was pleasantly surprised at the audio quality that Cloud (I’m just going to keep shortening the name as we get further down this review) boasts. In spite of me not being picky with audio, this headset damn well almost made me into an audiophile. I had never realized just how mediocre music sounded before (while I blasted “Turn Down For What” I had an out of body experience). So an $89.99 upgrade is well worth it if you’re like me and haven’t had a new headset in years.

Not sounding like a scratchy squirrel is also very important to me, so just in case you were wondering, the microphone on Cloud is great. Everyone heard me well with very minimal pickup of my PC. It wasn’t completely silent, but granted, my PC is very loud.


I know what you’ve been thinking since the first paragraph and I agree, it IS weird that Kingston makes things that aren’t just USB drives. Not only that, but they managed to make an excellent headset for those that don’t want to spend boatloads for ultra professional equipment, yet need something to suffice. So if you’re like me and find yourself needing a headset to conduct Skype calls, record audio and Let’s Plays, or listen back to hours and hours of footage, the HyperX Cloud Headset is perfect for you. As a bonus, its leather cups will make your ears feel they are in heaven. Don’t be discouraged, however, if you’re just a non-PC gamer looking for a great headset! You’ll find your needs more than satisfied while you’re traversing the online world on your PS4. You’ll need a stereo headset adapter if you want to play it with your Xbox One, though.

You can buy the HyperX Cloud Headset over here!

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