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Pentakill Hits LoL, Get the Smite and Ignite Album Free


Pentakill Hits LoL, Get the Smite and Ignite Album Free

Are you prepared for the metalocalypse? The Rift riffing, summoner shredding band Pentakill is bringing metal back to the Fields of Justice with their new album, Smite and Ignite. And to crank it up a notch, Mordekaiser, Sona, Karthus, Olaf, and Yorick are taking the stage with new splash art, in-game models, and an all new summoner icon.

You can download their full album free from Riot, and enjoy hit head-banging tracks like “Ohmwrecker”, “Deathfire Grasp”, and “Last Whisper” for as long as your blown, metalloid minds can handle.

Embrace the metal, and summon the full album right here.

Pentakill Album Cover

Smite and Ignite’s album cover

The new tour is bringing more than music to League of Legends this week. In the newest patch, each Pentakill skin is getting a fresh coat of paint with new splash art, and in-game models are getting updated for Pentakill Mordekaiser, Pentakill Sona and Pentakill Karthus. Not rocking enough yet? Well from June 3 to June 9 you’ll also be able to earn the Pentakill summoner icon by playing a game with any of the Pentakill skins (excluding One For All’s), or you can grab it from the store for 250 RP or 1500 IP.


Carve up the Crystal Scar, get wild in the Twisted Treeline, and join these guys in rocking League of Legends while the metal’s hot.

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