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Get Your 2015 Men of Game Development Calendar


Get Your 2015 Men of Game Development Calendar

It’s back! The Men of Game Development calendar has been funded on Kickstarter for its second go-around.

The Men of Game Development calendar is exactly what you think it is. 12 men who develop games pose themselves on your wall for your enjoyment throughout the year.

“Little did we know, there was a critical flaw in the 2014 calendars,” the narrator said in the Kickstarter video. “After only 12 months the calendar becomes outdated and useless.”

The original 2014 calendar was created as a backer reward for a completely different Kickstarter.

“The response was overwhelming, to the point where people were backing for the calendar and not for the initial project we were Kickstarting!” reads the Kickstarter page.

Men of Game Development

Manveer Heir was last year’s Mr. February.

All 12 men for the 2015 calendar have been revealed.

Ken Rolston, Game Designer at Big Huge Games, and lead designer of Morrowind and Oblivion.

Chandana Ekanayake, Art Director for Uber Entertainment.

Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios.

Dennis Wedin, Artist/Designer for Dennaton Games.

Nels Anderson, Designer for Campo Santo.

Jordan Mallory, Lead Writer for Minicore Studios.

Manveer Heir, Gameplay Designer at Bioware.

Richard Rouse III, Owner of Paranoid Productions, former Game Designer at Microsoft.

Naveem Nattam, Programmer at Twisted Pixel.

Chris Avellone, Game Designer at Obsidian Entertainment.

Darren Korb, Audio Director for Supergiant Games.

John Romero, CCO of Loot Drop, one of the designers of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake.

There’s 36 hours left in the Men of Game Development 2015 Kickstarter. Go get your calendars!

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