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The Forest Now on Steam Early Access


The Forest Now on Steam Early Access

Putting the survival in survival horror, The Forest is a game I’ve had my eyes on for a while now. During the day it plays almost like Minecraft: explore your surroundings, chop down trees to build a shelter, scavenge food, start a camp fire. You have complete freedom.

But you better prepare for nightfall. That’s when the monsters come out (and they’re a lot scarier than Creepers). You have the choice of hunkering down and defending your base, using stealth to evade enemies, or engaging them directly with crude weapons you’ve built from sticks and stones.

Careful with that axe, Eugene

Careful with that axe, Eugene

I for one have never played an open-world survival horror game before…and the island on which you’ve crash landed is very much alive: changing weather patterns, tides that ebb and flow with the day/night cycle, plants that grow, wither, and eventually die. It sounds incredible.

Now available for $14.99 on Steam Early Access (which is actually pretty reasonable compared to some other Early Access titles), The Forest is still in its alpha stage, but judging from the latest trailer it looks fantastic. And absolutely terrifying.

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