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More Final Fantasy Explorers Details Revealed


More Final Fantasy Explorers Details Revealed

This week’s edition of Famitsu features details on Square Enix’s upcoming local and internet co-op multiplayer RPG, Final Fantasy Explorers. 20 jobs will be playable. Previously Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, and Knight roles were announced. Famitsu now confirms that you can also play as Bard, Thief, Red Mage, Time Mage, Paladin, Dragon Knight and Ninja. 


The game will play like a “lite” verison of Final Fantasy XIV or XI that will bring multiplayer RPG action to a portable platform. This sounds quite appealing for people who don’t have the time for an MMORPG. In the spirit of pre-existing Final Fantasy MMOS, Final Fantasy Explorers will implement the need for proper character positioning and skill chains. Upon maxing out a job, you will unlock special job specific abilities to help you in battle. Additionally players will have the ability to tame monsters to fight alongside you if you have free slots in your party.

The game world is set on an island which you will have full access to – free to travel where you wish. Square Enix is saying that the game will have about 100-200 hours of content.

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