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FFXIV Previews Its Upcoming Largescale PVP Mode Frontline


FFXIV Previews Its Upcoming Largescale PVP Mode Frontline

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FFXIV: A Realm Reborn has dipped its toe in the PVP waters before, but will nose diving into them for its next patch. Patch 2.3 will introduce Frontline, a 24 v. 24 v. 24 Player vs. Player mode. FFXIV’s three Grand Companies (or factions for those that are unfamiliar) will be going to battle in the Carteneau Flats to resolve issues over territorial disputes. While laying waste to the opposing team’s members is to be expected, there are other objectives that players will have to keep in mind that will play an even greater role in securing victory.

Borrowing a page from your favorite shooter and other MMOs, capturing and holding key locations of interest king of the hill style will be the primary way to win games. Claiming locations will net you points and holding them as long as possible will accrue even more points over time. Besides holding down locations, monsters will appear mid battle and defeating them amidst the fray will also aid your team’s efforts.


For some, the thrill of victory is a reason enough for engaging in PVP. However, because just having fun isn’t enough for some hardcore MMO fans, there are rewards to be had in Frontline as well. There will be an exclusive mount, special PVP gear to be collected, as well as the ability to obtain more of the sought after Allagan tomestones of mythology and Allagan tomestones of soldiery.

Check out the slideshow above to see of all the new screens and prepare for battle when Frontline is released within Patch 2.3 on July 8th.

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