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E3 – White Night Trailer


E3 – White Night Trailer

What do you get when you combine Alfred Hitchcock and survival horror? The answer: White Nighta stylish, black-and-white third-person horror/adventure game. But Hitchcock isn’t the only source of inspiration.

The latest trailer, which debuted at E3, also credits Alone in the Dark and German Expressionism, a highly stylized film movement (Metropolis, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) on the 1920s that would later influence Mr. Hitchcock himself. Not to mention that film noir, as a genre, owes its existence to German Expressionism.

White Night, aesthetically speaking, is a carefully crafted love letter to all of the above. Its low-key black-and-white visual style is reminiscent of both film noir and German Expressionism. And its use of other cinematagraphic techniques, like Dutch angles (a favorite of Hitchcock’s), lends it a old-Hollywood horror vibe.

Straight outta Psycho

Straight outta Psycho

Set in the late 1930s, you play as a man seeking refuge in an old, seemingly abandoned mansion. Using matches to light your way, you begin exploring the mansion, as you slowly piece together its sinister past. And there is something lurking in the darkness…

Light—and shadow—are important themes as well as gameplay elements. Many of the game’s puzzles involve the use of different light sources scattered throughout the manor. And, like in Amnesia in which Daniel has to conserve lamp oil, you have a limited number of matches.

According to developer OSome Studio:

In White Night, light draws a discontinuous line between form and substance, a road mark leading from life to death. It’s a trying journey to the heart of darkness, a journey of no return sometimes one has to accomplish in his existence.

White Night is scheduled for release later this year (my guess is around Halloween) on Steam and Xbox One.

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