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E3 – Update coming to the Xbox One Achievements App


E3 – Update coming to the Xbox One Achievements App

During the ‘green carpet’ pre-show Microsoft had yesterday, hosted by Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb, a video was shown outlining a coming update to the Xbox One achievements app. The main new feature is the ability to snap the app, allowing you to see the achievement progress you’ve made on your current game. They’ll be sorted by how close you are to unlocking them, and your progress will be updated in real time.

You can also pin achievements you care about to the top. You can also get search for help in unlocking achievements right from the snapped application. If you do so, a Bing search with relevant results appears. The update is scheduled for ‘later this summer’.

I have to say, as an Xbox One player this is a very welcome update.

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