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E3 – Untitled Criterion Game Takes Racing Off the Ground


E3 – Untitled Criterion Game Takes Racing Off the Ground

At yesterday’s EA Press Event, Criterion Games came out to show off what it’s been up to since Need For Speed Rivals came out last year. Right off the bat, the featured game was identified as being extremely early in development; so early in fact that it doesn’t even have a name yet. What we do know about it however is that it is a First-Person game, and that it will feature not only cars but helicopters, planes, parachutes, jet-skis, boats, etc.

At this point, all we really have to go on is what appears to be a tight development crew and a host of promises of an extremely fun racing game. Considering however that Criterion is arguably the premier developer of racing games (including Burnout: Paradise — the best of them all), I’m frankly inclined to believe them until being convinced otherwise.

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