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E3 – There's A Batmobile At E3


E3 – There's A Batmobile At E3

E3 is an exciting time of the year for many reasons. It’s the place where you’ll hear the latest on all the gaming news the big companies are up to, and it’s where you’ll get the most hyped for the upcoming releases.

Warner Brothers decided not to pull any punches this year, and they brought a life-sized Batmobile to promote Batman: Arkham Knight, the latest game developed by Rocksteady. The Batmobile is set up right outside their booth and it looks a lot like the one we got to see in the gameplay trailer at Sony’s press conference.






Want to build up hype for your latest game release? Warner Brothers is doing it right.

Image source: Kotaku – They Brought A Batmobile To E3

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