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E3 – Tetrageddon Hands-On Preview


E3 – Tetrageddon Hands-On Preview

As part of the Indiecade festival, you can expect a slew of different indie games across varying genres, but one in particular crosses those genres on its own. Developer Alienmelon has created and compiled a small collection of various games called Tetrageddon, and the results are much more interesting than you would think.

Breaking past the boundary of what should and should not be in a video games, Tetrageddon is more of an interactive art piece than a video game. Some of the games feature playing tic tac toe with the developer’s hamster while another may have you abducting creatures from a planet that you, the lonely alien, simply want to be friends with. Despite the hodge podge of interesting little adventures, there is one in particular that seems to be the cornerstone of Tetrageddon. While others may take simply a few seconds to play and perhaps just to spend a bit of time, one in particular is capable of being a multiple hour long journey. This game within a game is essentially a point-and-click adventure that changes along the way. All throughout the screen, there are flashes of various images and accompanying poetry, all conveying a plethora of messages letting you make of it what you will.

Yes, it's time for games!

Yes, it’s time for games.

Equipped with only a map, it’s wonderfully interesting to see how many possibilities there are when a simple action changes the environment or other opportunities throughout the level, such as whether or not you picked up an object or chased away a little rat. All these variables form your own seemingly unique experience, and it’s something that I did not expect at all amid the other much smaller minigames.

Regardless of which game you play in the collection, they are all bursting with personality. Ignoring all sense of structure, each one contains an interface and presentation that is wholly unique. It’s all full of ideas that I am really eager to see explored further and expanded on in the future. The developer also plans on incorporating an interactive 3D arcade for players to walk on over to and play each of the games. Tetrageddon is certainly one of the most interesting and unique titles I have seen at E3, and I wish the developer the best of luck in the festival and look forward to where they take their ideas.

The coolest part of it all is you can play the games now for the lovely price of nothing at the website right here. It’s really something you’ll have to see for yourself.

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