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E3 – Tai Yasue Comments On The Kingdom Hearts III Teaser


E3 – Tai Yasue Comments On The Kingdom Hearts III Teaser

If you recall, Square Enix released a trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX just last week, revealing the release dates for North America and Europe. However, that’s not all the trailer revealed to us. At the end of the trailer, there was a short teaser for Kingdom Hearts III, giving us a little insight into what the story in this next entry will cover.

The teaser featured two silhouettes discussing the Keyblade Wars and many fans have speculated that these two figures could be the younger versions of Master Xehanort and Master Eraqus who were seen in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Series co-director Tai Yasue addressed the the teaser in a Japanese interview during Square Enix Presents, and thanks to Zephy over at KH Insider, here’s his response:

“- We heard little from KINGDOM HEARTS III and what was the purpose of recording those lines in the latest trailer?

Although the footage may change, KINGDOM HEARTS III will be about those words from the start of the game. It’s a secret but as for whom is the person speaking, you may be able to pin down immediately from the figures seen.

– Has the story been finalized together yet?

I can’t say for sure but a portion of it has been set in stone. When creating a KINGDOM HEARTS game, the storyline must usually be completely determined; how it will play and its system will be quickly developed simultaneously. New information is expected to be released soon as soon as we’re ready. Please stay tuned!”

The lore of Kingdom Hearts is rich and I’m interested to find out even more about the mysterious Keyblade War that’s been brought up in the games so many times. Hopefully we’ll learn more about Kingdom Hearts III soon.

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