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E3 – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Hands-On Preview


E3 – Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Hands-On Preview

It’s happening. Super Smash Bros. is back, and as expected, it’s a marvel. Having fixed up most qualms any players may have had with the previous game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the newest entry is shaping up to be the definitive Super Smash Bros. experience. Inside and out, the gameplay feels much more refined as I noticed all the little changes done to many of the veteran characters and all the wildly interesting new moves for the newcomers. My personal favorite being the Villager, proving to be just as badass as he/she was anticipated to be.

All around it’s very evident that it’s still Super Smash Bros., as the controls remain identical from before which is perfectly fine by me. All of the new characters fit in great and are welcome additions to the roster. One of my only gripes right now is how overpowered Little Mac feels. He’s a great character and has weak air attacks, but he has a lot a range and power to overcompensate. Nevertheless, every character can still dominate, especially the Villager with attacks that feel very technical not unlike Solid Snake in Brawl.

Except he's ready to dig your grave for you.

Except he’s ready to dig your grave for you.

The game itself is just an absolute beauty to behold on the Wii U. Just as well, the 3DS version also looks lovely, just on a smaller scale of course. While it hasn’t been revealed what the special mode will be on the Wii U version, I got some time with Smash Run, the 3DS-specific mode, and it’s pretty damn awesome.

I was told that it takes place on one giant open world where there could be up to three other players all somewhere else on the map. Everyone is spread out trying to raise their stats by defeating enemies and then eventually meeting up once the time is up for a match. Also we were told that it is possible that players could meet up on the Smash Run map and get in the way of each other, but the map is so huge that it seems unlikely. Still, the possibility is there for some really exciting and unique experiences with each playthrough.

Madness imminent.

Madness imminent.

One other little difference that I noticed about the 3DS version was that when Final Smashes are executed, the camera doesn’t zoom in quickly into the character who’s ready to kick some ass. As a result, a Final Smash on the 3DS version feels less cinematic. It’s a very small difference, but I can’t help but miss it. They end up feeling a bit less satisfying. Still, visually, the 3DS holds up just fine. Naturally though, the Wii U has the technical prowess to be the prettier and flashier version of Super Smash Bros. 4.

As for the game’s presentation, everything looks great. All the smaller subtle changes are more than welcome, especially at the end of each map. Everything stops when the clock runs out, the screen slashes open, and there appears the reveal as to who won. It’s a neat and stylish new way of keeping everyone in suspense after heated battles.



I couldn’t be happier with Super Smash Bros. 4, regardless of what platform it’s on. I already foresee myself saving money to get both versions of the game. I want to say I’ll be able to hold out for the Wii U version’s release, but I wouldn’t want to miss out once everyone is getting in on the 3DS version. But when the Wii U version eventually comes out, it’s time to create new memories and all-nighters with friends all around the TV. It’s a new era of Smash, and it’s sure to be a fantastic one.

You can finally get your hands on the game when Super Smash Bros. for 3DS releases On October 3rd and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U releases this holiday season, as the developers are looking at a release window of around November or December. Judgment days are upon us. Prepare yourselves.

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