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E3 – Quest for Infamy Hands-Off Preview


E3 – Quest for Infamy Hands-Off Preview

At first glance, Quest for Infamy is your standard 16-bit action RPG. Look a bit deeper and you’ll find the game has an interesting twist: the protagonist, Roehm, isn’t your standard hero, but instead is kind of a jerk. How much of a jerk he is depends on how you want to play the game. 

After a brief introduction to the game, you pick a mentor which sets your class for your playthrough. You can become your standard melee, ranged, and magic classes, but in keeping with the jerk angle, the titles are a bit more nefarious: sorcerer, rogue, and brigand. As you play through the story and interact with NPCs, your dialogue choices dictate how much of an ass you are, which in turn affects your Infamy meter. The game has divergent paths for gamers to play through that depend on both your chosen class and amount of Infamy points.

Volksvile Gallows

Like any other RPG worth its salt, the game has a day/night cycle that players live through, and can rest or sleep to advance through the day. This may come in handy when Roehm sets out to complete more nefarious quests. What I found most interesting about this game was the fact that it features hand drawn backgrounds for all 200 screens in the game; which is extremely impressive considering how detailed and colorful each screen is.

Playing as an asshole isn’t something that’s new to gamers familiar with morality systems, but when your choices boil down to how big of an ass you want to be, it’s interesting to see what gamers will do. If nothing else, this aspect, as well as the gorgeous backdrops, will make this game stand out from the herd.

Outside Tyr's Governor's house

If you want to try out this interesting twist on a well-tread game mechanic, Quest for Infamy releases on June 26th for PC, Mac, and Linux.


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