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E3 – Project Guard Hands-On Preview


E3 – Project Guard Hands-On Preview

I played too many games at E3, but only one got my heart racing like mad. Project Guard is one of the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto’s new original projects that were showcased and revealed for the very first time here. While it was still an extremely early build, people on the showfloor got a chance to see what was in store, myself included, and it’s really something. Why was my heart racing? Well, it’s because people were yelling at me while I played it…and it was awesome.

Project Guard essentially puts the player in the position of guarding a base somewhere on a distant planet or moon as the player remains in control of 12 separate cameras. Yeah, it’s nuts. Each of the cameras offers different viewpoints of the same station while different kinds of robots try to make their way to the center of the base to overtake the glowing generator-looking object in the center. Any robot gets to the center and it’s game over. It’s pretty much a more interactive and intense sort of Tower Defense title.

"I must break you."

“I must break you.”

Why were people yelling at me though? The people working the Nintendo booth encouraged others to help out by yelling out the camera numbers to me to help me determine which camera to select first, since you can only attack the robots from one camera at a time. On the GamePad is a map of the entire station where you must select and jump to each respective camera as you see fit to ward off the robots. The energy in the air though was electric as so many people were joining in the help out with everything riding on you. The pressure is there and their suggestions really helped. By myself, I could imagine that the game is even more difficult, offering a different kind of intensity.

And I was playing on Normal, so I can only imagine what the Hard difficulty must have been like.

As a side note, I also noticed the Star Fox logo on one of the parts of the base. It could have just been placed there for no reason or as a hint that this Project Guard might play some part in the Star Fox universe, although it’s not likely. Regardless, it’s a fascinating concept. If this is only a fraction of what is in store for this project, I am really eager to see what becomes of Project Guard. There’s still a very long way until we get an idea of what this game will end up being and what it will be titled, but it’s certainly something you may want to look out for. We’ll be sure to fill you in on the game as more details are revealed in the coming months leading up to its release on the Nintendo Wii U in 2015.

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