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E3 – 'Powers' Show Coming to Playstation 4 This December


E3 – 'Powers' Show Coming to Playstation 4 This December

Part of yesterday’s Sony E3 2014 press conference was dedicated to its push into original programming, and comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis was on hand to introduce the adaptation of his comic book “Powers”. He announced the series would be coming to the Playstation Network this December, and that casting and production are underway. “Powers” is about two private investigators that deal with superhero crimes.

Powers, the TV show, has a tumultuous history. A pilot was shot in 2011 for FX, then scrapped, then it stayed in development hell until it was picked up by Sony earlier this year. It’s a bit worrying that a show that’ll premiere 6 months from now hasn’t been cast, but let’s hope they do well.

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