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E3 – Please Be Nice :( Hands-On Preview


E3 – Please Be Nice :( Hands-On Preview

I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time at the Indiecade booth this year, but my time there was well spent. The first game indie game I took a look a seemingly straightforward game called please be nice:(. And while the original game appeared simple, the resulting levels were anything but.

The first version of the game. A square and a goal.

The first version of the game. A square and a goal.

Please be nice 🙁 is a game with a defining quirk. The first version of the top-down game started out simple: move your character from point a to point b. No obsticles, no complications. Just a simple goal. But here’s where things get interesting. The first person to beat a version of the game gets to suggest a new feature. The feature is added, a new version is released, and then the process repeats. Things start out innocently enough, such as the addition of walls, enemies, and lives, but things quickly become chaotically amazing.

The developer jumped me through a few versions of the game to show just how far it has come since its conception. The game is currently on version 133. Additional levels were added somewhere along the line in addition to character selects, multiple weapons, and eventually dual wielding. The game is simple to play, the but the actual experience is anything but. The different combinations of elements all suggested by different players mean that anything could happen during your time through the game.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 5.58.12 PM

My experience? By the time I beat the game I was dual wielding a shot gun and a turtle gun. Yeah, turtle gun. As in a gun that shoots turtles that then shoot bullets. A power-up I found somewhere through the game, usually designed to make your shots harder to aim, caused my turtle gun to shoot six turtle turrets in a circle around me. I was crazy overpowered but it was so much fun, all the way through. please be nice 🙁 is seriously the most fun I had with a game through all of E3, and that’s saying something.

The indie title is actually freeware and could be downloaded right this second. You can even check out the older versions and suggestions from other players. Lack of traffic unfortunately means a new version hasn’t been out since April, but maybe with a signal boost we could get more people playing this fantastic indie title.

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