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E3 – PlayStation Now Beta Coming Soon, Pricing Revealed


E3 – PlayStation Now Beta Coming Soon, Pricing Revealed

During their E3 press conference, Sony revealed that PlayStation Now will be entering open beta on July 31st in the United States and Canada on the Ps4. The open beta for both the PS3 and PSVita will be coming “shortly after.” Of course, PlayStation Now won’t be limited to just Sony’s gaming platforms; it will also be available on some Sony televisions (a separate DualShock 3 would be required).

In helping sell the service on the PSVita, they mentioned that “hundreds of titles” will be available. Some of these titles include Dead Space 3, Tales from the Borderlands, Tales of Hearts R, Child of Light, and many more.

In a subsequent press release, Sony revealed that most PlayStation Now game rentals will range between $2.99 and $19.99. Shorter rental periods naturally fall on the lower end of that spectrum, though ultimately the pricing decisions hinge upon variations in platforms, publishers, and developers. As an aside, Sony Computer Entertainment does plan on offering subscription options in the future.

SCE intends on working with its many publishing partners to test out various rental periods and prices for PlayStation Now, depending on how and when players would like to play their games.

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