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E3 – Little Big Planet 3 Revealed With Brand New Characters


E3 – Little Big Planet 3 Revealed With Brand New Characters

Media Molecule surprised everyone with the return of Sackboy in Little Big Planet 3 at Sony’s E3 conference. We were also introduced to a new character called Oddsock, who differs from Sackboy in that he’s able to jump off walls. Oddsock can also move a lot faster than Sackboy.

A new character that was introduced was this big fella called Toggle. He’s the biggest and strongest, but he can also shrink in size to move in narrow spaces. Swoop, a new bird character, was also introduced and his special ability is that he can fly. The gameplay shown featured all four characters working together, using their different abilities to navigate through the dangerous new levels in Little Big Planet 3.

The dynamics between the four characters were extremely interesting to watch and it looks like Media Molecule is taking a step in the right direction by incorporating a good form of cooperative gameplay into one of the most beloved PlayStation franchises.

Little Big Planet 3 will be available for the PS4 in November.

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