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E3 – Lady Palutena Joins Super Smash Bros!


E3 – Lady Palutena Joins Super Smash Bros!

During today’s E3 Nintendo Direct, a new character was announced for Super Smash Bros.

Capitalizing off the recent revivial of Kid Icarus, Lady Palutena has joined the brawl and will be fighting in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Introduced with an anime-styled opening battle between Link and Pit, Lady Palutena made quite the intervention in the battle, where she promptly told Pit that she was not there to protect him, but rather, to do battle.

Her capabilities in battle seem quite extensive. As you might imagine for a winged warrior, Lady Palutena is quite mobile and can do many different things in the air (anybody else already dreading what her recovery will likely be…?). And of course, given her status as an angel, she has many celestial powers at her disposal.

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