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E3 – Grasshopper Manufacture's Lily Bergamo Became Let It Die


E3 – Grasshopper Manufacture's Lily Bergamo Became Let It Die

In a bit of sad news depending on how excited you were for it, Grasshopper Manufacture’s previous PS4 exclusive Lily Bergamo is no longer a reality. Instead it became the company’s new PS4 exclusive, Let It Dierevealed on-stage at the Sony E3 press conference.

In a translated interview by Gematsu, Suda 51 and Gung Ho Online president and Kazuki Morishita clarified that during production of Lily Bergamo, the project which always focused more on a seamless and unique online experience, morphed into Let It Die.

Let It Die is a PS4 exclusive game that will be free-to-play upon release. Your player character is no longer the heroine Tae Iori, and instead a player avatar you create upon starting. Each new player will begin in nothing but their underwear and a gas mask and the objective will simply be: survival. An interesting aspect, the one that’s been the main component of the project since Lily Bergamo is that the enemies will be generated using player data. So as more and more people play, the more the enemies will adopt killed player’s data and the game will grow organically as a result. It’s actually pretty interesting.

With Lily Bergamo dead and Suda 51 asking you to Let It Die, what are your thoughts on this? I interviewed Suda 51 back when the game was still starring the female heroine at TGS and am sort of crushed by this news. Still, Suda 51 says he is much closer to the team this time around than previous executive director roles he’s had in the past and that gives me hope that the game will still be twisted fun, even if it isn’t the one I originally thought it was going to be.

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