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E3 – Far Cry 4 Has Wing Suits And Co-Operative Play In Its Campaign


E3 – Far Cry 4 Has Wing Suits And Co-Operative Play In Its Campaign

Far Cry 4 made its second E3 appearance at Sony’s conference, featuring a video that showed off extensive gameplay footage. The protagonist, Ajay Ghale was confirmed to also have a wing suit (not unlike Jason from Far Cry 3) and will be equipped with a grapple.

Ajay was shown jumping along the roofs of various huts while taking down his enemies with a gun and a crossbow. Far Cry 4’s driving mechanics were also featured as Ajay chased down a truck, killed the drivers within, and hijacked the truck itself. The gameplay looks very fluid overall, with the truck driving off a cliff and Ajay jumping out, saving himself with his wing suit.

The video also featured co-operative play when a second player jumped in with a mini copter, ferrying Ajay around as he gunned down his enemies with a machine gun. Animals will also be very dangerous in Kyrat, which was evident in the way an elephant decimated a jeep at the end of the video.

It was also revealed that when you play Far Cry 4 on your PlayStation system, your PSN friends will be able to jump into your game even if they do not own a copy of Far Cry 4 themselves.

Far Cry 4 will be available this November.

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