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E3 – Entwined Hands-On Preview


E3 – Entwined Hands-On Preview

There is a soft spot in my heart for those rhythm games that aren’t really rhythm games, like Rez. Entwined is one of those games, boasting gorgeous visuals just the same, except, instead of intense electronic beats and gameplay, with a slow and graceful sort of feeling like you’re soaring about. It’s very nice, but the stage I got to play didn’t seem to really go anywhere. When Rez offers a plot and each level with its respective song offers some sort of goal to give you a reason as to why you’re flying through this cyberspace, Entwined doesn’t offer a lot of context, and it gets a bit boring after a while because of it.

Entwined has the player controlling two separate bird-dragon-type creatures as they soar through the air, each a separate color, each collecting their respective color objects, and each flying through their respective color-coded spaces. The dual stick gameplay gets pretty tricky sometimes which might throw you off for a nice little surprise, but the consequences and rewards for messing up or doing well are very gradual. Naturally, when each ship has filled up their gauge, it is ready to entwine, but I didn’t find any real difference in this mode to the gameplay to reward your success aside from turning into a lovely bird and going a bit faster. I might have missed something, but I thought it was odd that there wouldn’t be any sufficient reward for success. I’m sure there’s a metaphor behind it all or something, but it won’t matter much if there isn’t the substance to back it up.

Despite that, Entwined is very relaxing with a very mellow tune in the background, delivering a harsh sort of sound as punishment any time you falter. Its art style is lovely and a visual treat. The gorgeous environments may be enough for some but regardless of its presentation, it didn’t seem to boast very much else. Still, if you’re interested, you can pick up Entwined today for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

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