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E3 – Breaking Down the Sony Press Conference


E3 – Breaking Down the Sony Press Conference

Many people speculated whether Sony would be able to pull off another winning year at E3 this year. It looks like the good times are still rolling for this member of the big three, as it showed off a wide range of enticing upcoming games at the 2014 Sony press conference.

While many of the games Sony presented won’t be playable any time soon, they did offer a pretty impressive variety. After the recent onslaught of first person shooters and general mediocrity we experienced at the beginning of this generation, I’m happy to see some color returning to the gaming world. The Order: 1886, while certainly not ground breaking in a mechanical sense as far as we can tell so far, is gorgeous and it’s steampunky setting is welcome. No Man’s Sky looks like everything I’ve ever wanted – exploration, cool dinosaurs, and spaaaaaace. Not much is known about Bloodborne yet, but it sure looks eerie and immersive. And of course, Uncharted 4, because it’s been too long since I got to accompany Drake’s tush Nathan Drake on a breathtaking, swashbuckling, valuable artifact smashing adventure. The only problem is the long wait we’ll have to endure before we get our hands on them. Hopefully Little Big Planet 3, Far Cry 4 and Destiny can tide us over.

I’d say overall, Sony got the games right again this year. I was disappointed in the absence of anything from Square Enix, but maybe no news is good news in this case. I don’t need to hear about another depressing mobile bastardization of a Final Fantasy game, although an update on Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III would be nice.

There was also pretty much no mention of the Vita, save for the announcement of Playstation TV‘s launch in North America. Sony claims they have around 150 titles planned for the device,  but spared the details. It seems as though the Vita will continue to be used as a device for remakes for the time being, which is a shame. It’s a powerful little handheld that has a lot of potential.

Despite these shortfalls, Sony provided a strong showing this year. My recent creeping disenchantment with video games has been cured by all of this new generation goodness coming our way.

Analysis aside, here’s a summary of all the news tidbits that were featured at this year’s Sony Press Conference!

  • Sony opened their presser with a Destiny trailer featuring cutscenes and gameplay footage.
  • We were treated to a new The Order: 1886 gameplay trailer in which Galahad encounters a werewolf. The game was also given an official release date and the collector’s editions were revealed.
  • Little Big Planet is making a surprise comeback this fall with its third installment, introducing 3 new playable characters that are just way too adorable.
  • Infamous First Lightstandalone DLC for Infamous Second Son was announced and it’s going to have a female protagonist! Woohoo!
  • Sony announced a new indie title, Entwined for the PS4.
  • Our first look at Far Cry 4 gameplay takes us to the Himalayas, in which the player hijacks a tuk-tuk and then proceeds to chase down and take out a few jeeps in said tuk-tuk. Quality stuff. Also, elephants.
  • Dead Island 2 was officially announced.
  • Sony took the presser down a different turn with a hilarious teaser for Magicka 2.
  • In case you missed everyone losing their minds on Twitter earlier, Grim Fandango is making a comeback, this time on Playstation consoles!
  • From the art director of Journey comes Abzû, a beautiful underwater . . . something. We’re not quite sure yet on the details.
  • The long speculated on Project Beast was finally revealed as Bloodborne
  • We got a look at some No Man’s Sky gameplay. It demonstrates the near limitless possibilities of space exploration. And space dinosaurs.
  • YouTube is coming to PS4 soon, allowing players to upload their videos directly.
  • We got to see some more gameplay footage of Mortal Kombat X, featuring a few new characters and Fatalities.
  • If you’re a numbers person, Sony shared some stats about PSN, showing the service’s impressive growth.
  • The Last of Us Remastered received a release date.
  • Grand Theft Auto V is also coming to PS4, and allows you to transfer your PS3 save data to the newer console.
  • There’s been a fair bit of Batman: Arkham Knight news circulating recently. We got another taste in a new gameplay trailer that shows off the Batmobile and a fancy new grappling hook.
  • And finally, we got to see a new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s EndThe cinematic is incredibly well done and features a puzzling conversation between an aging Drake and constant companion, Sully. Matthew also shared his thoughts on the trailer.
  • The original Ratchet & Clank  is getting a PS4 remake in 2015 alongside the upcoming Ratchet & Clank movie.
  •  Powersa TV show about two detectives cracking down on super hero crimes, is coming to PSN.
  • An expansion for Resogun titled Resogun Heroes was announced.
  • Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition will allow you to fight some of The Last of Us‘ infected.
  • Sony revealed a Destiny PS4 bundle that includes a super sexy glacier white PS4.
  • PlayStation Now will be entering beta at the end of July.
  • Dead Island 2 was announced via this amusing little trailer.

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