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E3 – BattleCry Hands-On Preview


E3 – BattleCry Hands-On Preview

The more video games grow as a medium, so does the amount of ideas meandering about, creating all the wonderful games you see before you today. BattleCry made me think a lot about this. While the game itself was fun, it featured an active, exciting style of gameplay that was hampered by an otherwise dull and boring atmosphere. Really, it reminded me quite a bit of Square-Enix’s Nosgoth. Ultimately, BattleCry is a third-person battle arena-type game that pits two teams against each other in a deathmatch, each with their respective classes, slicing, dicing, and duking it out across a map, but it’s not without some key issues.

The idea is simple enough, and the gameplay is crafted very nicely, but BattleCry just lacks personality. All the elements for a great action battle game are there, but that might not be enough to reel a lot of its targeted audience, nor might it keep people coming back to its created world. Despite not feeling particularly immersive, its gameplay feels sufficient enough for a good time, if at least for a short while.

That sun though.

That sun though.

Adopting a free-to-play model, the game is plenty-inviting to any number of people, and the various classes offer varying methods at bringing your enemies’ untimely demises. Each character had a set of three unique abilities, and the action was quick and exciting, which is always a good thing. One thing I especially enjoyed was how quickly I was able to encounter enemies and allies, putting me back in the action as soon as possible after respawning.

As for its presentation, it looks very nice, offering some crisp visuals, although the environments and overall color scheme feel pretty dull. Despite all the action going on, it was really hard to want to see a whole lot from these characters that were neither here nor there.

As a whole, BattleCry is certainly an enjoyable action game that may be worth checking out, but it’s really up to if you’ll feel like staying with it. As for me, I found the overall style and presentation to be thoroughly boring, with nothing to really make it stand out significantly from other games in the genre. Here’s hoping it undergoes some changes to make a more lasting impression on its way to release. You’ll be able to check out BattleCry for yourself when it enters its beta phase sometime in 2015.

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