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E3 – Official Amiibo Trailer


E3 – Official Amiibo Trailer

What is “Amiibo?” Answer: the biggest hurt your wallet will be getting this holiday.

During their E3 digital conference, Nintendo confirmed the rumor that they would be utilizing the Wii U Gamepad’s NFC (near-field communnication) technology. Amiibos are toy figurines that can be placed on the Gamepad to bring the figurine character into the game. The figures save and carry unique data so that a player’s character will be the same regardless of the game or system they are playing on.

Confirmed Amiibos include:

– Donkey Kong

– Kirby

– Link

– Mario

– Pikachu

– Princess Peach

– Samus Aran


– Wii Fit Trainer

– Yoshi

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