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E3 2014 Had Fewer Exhibitors Than Last Year


E3 2014 Had Fewer Exhibitors Than Last Year

Another E3 in the bag (and if you haven’t, be sure to check out Twinfinite’s full coverage), and the numbers are out. E3 2014 had 48,900 attendees, which include video game industry professionals, investor analysts, journalists, and retailers, 700 more compared to last year. It also generated, according to the Entertainment Software Association who hosts E3, nearly $40 million in revenue for the city of Los Angeles.

However, this year 200 exhibitors showcased their products at the show, down from the 230 that attended last year. Not a significant drop, sure, but definitely something to take into account. Surprising no one, the show also broke its previous record on social media, recording more than two million posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined. Apparently gamers were eager to share the excitement of the first E3 of the new console generation.

Now all that’s left is to reset the countdown for the next edition of E3, which will take place on June 16-18 of next year.

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