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Driveclub Images Show Off Impressive Weather-Tech


Driveclub Images Show Off Impressive Weather-Tech

Originally planned to launch alongside the PS4, Driveclub was instead delayed until this fall in order for the team at Evolution Studios to work on the social connectivity features of the game. It seems that in addition to the social features, the developers also worked on adding incredible weather features to the game. The bad news is that weather won’t be in the launch version of the game but will be added on later down the road.

Evolution Studios’ showed off the new weather features but the tech is so early in development that it is actually only running on the game director’s personal laptop. Paul Rustchynsky explained that “This is a quite early version of it. We’re sort of balancing everything, so you can expect in a few months’ time, when we’re really got to grips with the new technology it’s going to look even better.”

Take a look at some images of Driveclub showing off the new weather features. Lots of pretty rain drops:

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Driveclub will be available on October 7th, only on PS4.

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