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Double Fine's Broken Age Is an Ouya Console Exclusive


Double Fine's Broken Age Is an Ouya Console Exclusive

Tim Schafer’s development studio Double Fine Productions and Ouya recently announced that the first act of Broken Age, which was released on the Ouya over the weekend, will remain exclusive to the tiny Android powered console. While Broken Age is already out on PC, Mac, and Linux, if this pact holds up, it seems as though the only console that will be capable of playing the popular point and click adventure game will surprisingly be the Ouya.

You would be right to feel a little skeptical about Ouya’s ability to hold onto Broken Age as an exclusive. The critically acclaimed arena brawler Towerfall was once upon a time was exclusive to the Ouya, but was recently re-released onto the PlayStation 4 and Steam as Towerfall: Ascension. We’ll have to wait and see if things play out differently with Broken Age, but if Double Fine ever wants to make a serious push onto consoles, it will likely have to look elsewhere.

Ouya players can purchase Act 1 for $15 and pre-purchase Act 2 if they are interested in continuing the story. Check out our review of Broken Age for more information.

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