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Rioters Go In-Depth on Massive League of Legends Visual Update


Rioters Go In-Depth on Massive League of Legends Visual Update

Riot strives to make League of Legends a game that evolves with its community, so as LoL continues to grow, its about time for Summoner’s Rift to get a facelift. Following the reveal of what fans call a “Face-Rift”, Rioters have been taking to Twitter and forums to answer burning questions about the new preview.

RiotCaptainLx, a senior animator, took to the Dev Blog comment section to talk about updated jungle camps:

Changing Wight to Gromp

“There are a couple of reasons we did that. First of all, we wanted visual cohesion in all our camps – creatures that actually would belong into a magic forest on a mountain top – wraith felt much better in TT, in our opinion. Secondly, we wanted to clearly show how powerful the creature actually is. Putting in a big toad hopefully tells players that this camp has a lot of HP and is slow (doesn’t walk far), for instance. And finally, it hopefully just looks nicer than copy+pasting a camp that we felt looks better on TT in the first place.”


Spawn Animations

“If Blue Buff currently spawns at 1:55 on SR, and if our spawn animation is 2 seconds long, then we will spawn Blue Sentinel at 1:53 min, so that you can attack it at 1:55. It’s parity with what is on live. We hope that spawn animations will help better time your initiation while maintaining parity with the gameplay on our current SR. This includes visibility (so, you can’t see dragon if you don’t have a ward in the dragon pit, even if he’s running around on the rim of the pit). There’s a white flash that will tell the players when you can attack a creature, too.”


“… our spawn animations are there to enhance the moment and help time your initial attack when waiting for a re-spawn of a creature. For all other cases we have stance-changes and reaction animations when you approach a camp, so that the creatures feel truly alive. These are not changing the gameplay of a camp, but hopefully make it more fun to jungle =)”

Will Monster Reactions Give Away Your Hidden Presence?

“What if they only reacted on YOUR screen?”

Red Golem

More information also cropped up on Twitter, courtesy of @Moobeat. Game designer Richard “Nome” Liu and RiotVitzkrieg shared details not given in the official announcement.

Creature Design

“One of our tenets for creature design was that we really wanted to own the creatures to make them uniquely League of Legends” – Nome

“the wraiths have become the Razorbeaks (feathered creatures with razor sharp beaks).” – RiotVitzkrieg

“The mini golems have become the Krugs (Stone armored creatures)” – RiotVitzkrieg

New Wolves Camp

Will Shopkeepers Have Voices Like on Howling Abyss?

“Yes–although they won’t make the initial PBE push out.” – Nome

More To Look Forward To

“Wait ’til you see what Baron actually does now… it’s pretty scary.” – Nome


“there are definitely big music and sound updates on the map.” – Nome

“Someone asked me before the announcement went live, but yeah towers on SR will have gradual damage like on Howling Abyss” – RiotYmir (Behavior Expert)

Are you excited to see an updated Summoner’s Rift? Are you already a Gromp fan? Let us know which changes excite you the most.

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