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Death Stare Luigi Is the Best Thing to Come out of Mario Kart 8


Death Stare Luigi Is the Best Thing to Come out of Mario Kart 8

So Mario Kart 8 is great. It’s doing really well sales wise, especially in the UK, and it just might be what the Wii U needs to finally gain some traction in the console wars. If there is one thing in Mario Kart 8 that has kept Twinfinite HQ keeled over in laughter over the last couple of days, however, it is Death Stare Luigi.

The year of Luigi might be over, but don’t tell that to Mario Kart 8‘s version of Luigi. For reasons unknown, Nintendo decided to give Luigi the coldest stare ever, and it the most wonderful thing to happen to video games since that time when dinosaurs were revealed to be in the newest Call of Duty (except shh, it was a joke).

But why have me ramble on and on when you can just see for yourself. Without further ado, for your enjoyment, Death Stare Luigi set to the tune of popular rap songs about driving in the mid 2000s.

luigi is tired of your shit

(via imgur)

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nintendo dead

(via NotLiquid on NeoGaf)

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