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Dark Souls II Speedrunner Beats Game in 20 Minutes


Dark Souls II Speedrunner Beats Game in 20 Minutes

But why would you want to? That’s the question I had running through my head while watching the video above. The Souls series, and Dark Souls II is no exception, is known for its deep lore. By exhausting dialogue with NPCs and compulsively reading item descriptions, you begin to piece together the game’s subtle narrative.

To rush through it quickly by exploiting glitches, in my opinion, is to miss the point of a Souls game entirely. Don’t get me wrong: completing Dark Souls II in just over 20 minutes is an impressive, almost superhuman feat, and I have tons of respect for Distortion2. This probably took numerous attempts, and it’s gonna be a tough record to beat.

Still, I feel there’s a time and place for speedruns. Take Mirror’s Edge, for example. In a ludonarrative sense, this game lends itself to speeedrunning: finishing it as fast as possible is logically consistent with the both the game’s mechanics and its narrative. I definitely do see the appeal of playing the same chapter over and over, trying to beat your best time or inch your way up the leaderboard in Mirror’s Edge.

I’ll admit this is a personal preference, but that’s not how I want to play a Souls game. In fact, to me that sounds like absolutely no fun whatsoever, but to each her own. For more on Dark Souls II speedruns, look no further than (where else) Reddit.

Honestly, I’m way more impressed by the fact that Disotrtion2 didn’t die in the 20-minute playthrough, which you can check out above! And congratulations on your new record!

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