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Dark Souls II DLC Trilogy 'The Lost Crowns' Announced


Dark Souls II DLC Trilogy 'The Lost Crowns' Announced

Despite playing coy earlier this year, FromSoftware officially announced today that Dark Souls II will be getting a trilogy of DLC. Available on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, the episodic “The Lost Crowns” DLC will be released in 3 parts. Check out the trailer above!

The first part, Episode 1: Crown of the Sunken King, is scheduled for release on July 22. According to the trailer’s description:

The Crown of the Sunken King sends players on a quest to reclaim the Crown that King Vendrick once owned. With an entirely new areas to explore within the Dark Souls II universe, players will find pyramids, underground caverns, and unknown foes. It is said that the Ancient Crown is buried deep below the surface, but surely it cannot sit unguarded?

The remaining DLC, Episode 2: Crown of the Old Iron King and Episode 3: Crown of the Ivory King, are scheduled to release August 26 and September 24 respectively. Each individual chapter will cost $9.99, or you can purchase a Season Pass (already available on Steam!) and get all three for $24.99.


“The crown holds the strength of lords from times long past,” reads the trailer. One of the most prominent themes in Dark Souls II is that of the eternal return: kingdoms rise and fall, history repeats itself, all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again. It seems the DLC will allow players to travel back in time and witness first hand the cycle repeat.

But that’s just my theory. Stay tuned for more information on Dark Souls II’s DLC, The Lost Crowns, as it appears.

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